Event Information
  • Date:1st May, 2022
  • Registraion: Until 1st April, 2022( Friday) 23:59:59 (Availability is limited)
  • Event Venue:Taitung County Changbin Elementary School
  • Starting Time:4:50 am, 1st May, 2022
  • Qualification: Anyone who’s mentally and physically healthy and wants to challenge are qualified to register.

    Age limit: Marathon and Half Marathon applicants should be aged 16 or above. Under age of 20, Parent’s Approval is required.

  • Advised by:Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C. Republic of China (Taiwan)
  • Hosted by:East Coast National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau Ministry of Transportation And Communications, Republic Of China (Taiwan)
  • Co-organized by:Taitung County Government、Hualien County Government、Changbin Township Office
  • Implemented by:BODY MARKETING CO., LTD
Competition Events
Event 42.195K 21K 7.5K
Entry Fee NT$ 1200 NT$ 1000 NT$ 700
  1. Disposable timing chip included, no refund.
  2. Competition will be closed to runners who do not complete the race within the time limit.
No timing and ranking
Age limit Over 16 years old Over 16 years old No limit
Gathering location Taitung County Changbin Elementary School
Gathering time 03:30 (No need to check-in)
Quota 350 1,000 1,000
Starting time 04:50 a.m. 05:00 a.m.
Time limit 7 hours 4 hours 1.5 hours
Luggage deposit service 03:30-12:00
Cancellation and Refund Policy
  1. Cancellation requests before registration deadline, full entry fee will be refunded ( 30 NTD bank transition fee will be deducted and register system charge will not be refunded )
  2. Cancellation requests after the registration will not be eligible for any refund.
  3. Registration is not transferrable to other distances, age groups, or future events.
  4. The event organizer owns the right to cancel or postpone the event for safety concerns. Participants get 20% of the entry fee (register system charge will not be refunded)
  5. Refund process will be completed within 9th May to 13th May. If you haven’t checked your refund on 16th May, please call: +886 2 55915658 ext 10 MS Chao
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Age group of 42K and 21K
Age group of 42K and 21K
M60 ~1962 F50 ~1972
M50-59 1963~1972 F40-49 1973~1982
M40-49 1973~1982 F30-39 1983~1992
M30-39 1983~1992 F16-29 1993~2006
M16-29 1993~2006
KING KONG Challenge
Distance 42.195K 21K
Qualification Any groups above 4 people Any groups above 4 people
Timing Timing chip Timing chip
Starting Time 04:50 a.m.
Time Limit 6.5 hours 4 hours
Awarding Rules
  1. Take the result of the “4th” place in a group as the group result
  2. Personal result still qualified for top 3 ranking of 42.195K and 21K
  3. Ranking of this challenge doesn’t affects any personal results or ranking
Event Schedule
Time Description
03:30-04:30 Luggage deposit service
04:30-04:40 Opening ceremony
04:40-04:45 Warm up
04:45-04:50 Runners gathering
04:50 42.195K and 21K START
05:20 7.5K START
05:20-11:20 2022 KING KONG MARATHON race time
06:30 Award Ceremony and Band Shows
12:00 The end
Prize and Award

A. Individual top 3 awards

Competition Events 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
42.195K NT$ 10,000 NT$ 8,000 NT$ 5,000
21K NT$ 5,000 NT$ 3,000 NT$ 2,000
  1. The top 3 of 42.195K and 21K will be awarded by prize money as above. The top 3 of age group winners will be awarded by trophy. (If the participant number of the age group is under 30 people, only the top 2 will be awarded.)
  2. The top 3 male and female finishers of 42.195K and 21K will be awarded by prize money or equivalent product. Runners whose record is qualified for the top 3 ranking will not be included in age group ranking.
  3. For claiming the award, please provide a photocopy of resident ID or passport.

B. KING KONG Challenge awards

Distance 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
42.195K NT$ 12,000 NT$ 8,000 NT$ 4,000
21K NT$ 12,000 NT$ 8,000 NT$ 4,000
  1. The top 3 of KING KONG Challenge will be awarded by prize money or equivalent product. Runners whose record is qualified for the top 3 ranking will not be included in age group ranking.
  2. For claiming the award, please provide a photocopy of resident ID or passport.
  • Race package:
    1. Mailing only
    2. Mailing by domestic express,postage as follows:
      Post Fee
      Number of people 1-2p 3-5p 6-20p 21-50p 51-100p 101-200p 201-300p 301por over
      Post Fee NT120 NT300 NT600 NT800 NT1,500 NT2,000 NT2,500 NT3,000
      Post Fee
      Number of people Post Fee
      1-2p NT120
      3-5p NT300
      6-20p NT600
      21-50p NT800
      51-100p NT1,500
      101-200p NT2,000
      201-300p NT2,500
      301por over NT3,000
    3. Pace packages start delivering from 22th April. Please provide exact address. (Postal mailbox is not accepted. Domestic address only.) If you haven’t got the race package on 26th April.
      Please call: +886 2 55915658, Ext. 10
      Office hour: (Mon.-Fri.) 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
    4. For any personal reasons leads to the failure of the delivery and won’t be able to participate the event. The race package won’t be delivered again. The delivery failed race packages will be able to claim a week within after the race (4 th May-6th May 10 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.) at BODY MARKETING CO., LTD. Address: No. 14, Lane 48, Wenzhou St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: +886 2 55915658
    5. Race package received means check-in has been completed. No need to check-in on the race day.
    6. Please keep the timing chip and bib number carefully. Reissue is not available.
  • Attention:
    • One person registers only one event. No double register acceptable.
    • Please be careful with register information. Once the your
  • Notes for competition:
    • Please have a nice dream the night before to remain the best physical condition on race day.
    • Please do not attend the contest without eating and finish your meal 2 hours before ironman contest.
  • Violations: the record of contest will be cancelled if participants disobey the following regulations.
    • Receiving assistance from another person during the competition.
    • Attending different registered program/group or using false ID information.
    • Violation of the spirit of the sport events. (fighting, insulting referee…)
    • Not wearing the racing bib number in front of chest or timing chip.
    • Not wearing the wristband to proof that whether participants pass the turning point which should be placed on the wrist in order to determined race ranking by referee.
  • Appeal:
    • Competitors may not dispute the referee during the race competition.
    • Any protests must be lodged with the Race Referee within 30 minutes after releasing result, in the meanwhile, a deposit of NT$1,000 must be submitted to contest department. If the judges of the review committee conclude that the dispute is not justified, then the NT$1,000 deposit shall be forfeited.
  • Notes for Timing:
    • According to the International Association of Athletics Foundation (IAAF) regulations (Artical 165.24), gun times shall be used for calculating the race times as well as for the placing results.
    • Timing chip:
      1. The competition uses the timing of chip timing system as the grade results. The starting time is the firing of the starting pistol firing, and the record shall be used for determining the ranking and results of participants. The competition results and ranking shall be based on the results released by the organization.
      2. Please make sure that the chip is wearing in the right area as official website mentioned, please refer to the official website.
      3. Participants are responsible for making sure that ship shall be fastened in proper. If participants lost their chip, they shall be disqualified.
      4. The organization has the right to forfeit or discarded any results in which participants have not crossed the starting line whining 10 minutes after the race has officially started.
      5. Timing chips are accountable for timing. Please make sure you pass the sensor spot and the timing chip are tagged by the sensor. Otherwise, the result won’t be recorded and you will be disqualified.
      6. It is forbidden to exchange chips, wear another person’s chips or wear more than one chips, and any such violation will be disqualified the participants from the race.
  • Special Attention:
    • The organization reserves the right to revise the contest regulations above, and shall be released on official website.
    • The event adopts “Assembly Time” as final record.
    • Please fasten the timing chip properly according to the rules on official website.
    • Please start the competition on time, the referees reserve the right to disqualify participants who fail to pass the closing point, and the results shall not be recorded.
    • Participants with physical condition during the contest, please stop the competition immediately, and carry with health insurance card or any relative certifications.
    • Please follow the referee’s instructions during the contest and read the contest regulations carefully.
    • Please dispose the disposable cup into garbage can when passing supply station.
    • The organization will take into account all factors, such as typhoons or other possible naturally disasters for the safety of all participants, to decide whether cancelled or changed to alternative routes, and participants do not have the rights to protest such a decision. It shall be released on official website one day before the event only.
    • The organizers have the copyright for all the video images, photo images and the contest results.
    • The organizers have the right to change the event contents at any time. The latest news shall be released and updated on the official website only.
  • Notes for insurance:

    Dear Runner,
    Doing exercise is the important factor to keeping healthy, please assess your health condition on the day. Please have a nicely and enough sleep one day before the event, in the meanwhile, finish your meal 2 hours before the race. The emergency medical care will be provided on site. The organizing committee do not have the responsibility of sudden death or accidents resulting from personal illness and physical factors. Symptoms caused by personal illnesses will not be insured, and only injuries suffered from public accident are liable for public accident insurance compensation. If it is necessary, runners can insured travel insurance by yourself.

    Public Accident Insurance Coverage:

    • When the insured is legally obligated to indemnify a third party during the period of insurance, the insured is responsible for any property damage, physical injury or death; and when receives a claim in connection therewith, the Body Marketing CO. is liable to provide indemnification.
    • Any occurrence in respect of the places specified in the schedule through the negligence or fault of the insured or his employees whilst engaged in the course of the operation described in the schedule hereto, or
    • Accident occurred due to the Insured passing by constructions, tunnels, machines and other working site along the running course.


    • Injuries cause by personal illness.
    • Symptoms as a result of personal health or cardiovascular symptoms, such as shock, heart disease, diabetes, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, high altitude syndrome, epilepsy, and dehydration, etc.
    • Shall the participants have history of personal illness or diseases set out in clause B, please consider your health condition and safety, and insured personal medical and accident insurance.
      1. Unknown pain in chest
      2. Unknown difficulty breathing
      3. Unknown dizzy or headache
      4. The Lose of consciousness
      5. High blood pressure(>140/90mmHg)
      6. Heart disease
      7. Abnormal renal function
      8. diabetes
      9. Hyperlipidaemia(TC>240mg/Dl)
      10. A history of family heart disease (immediate family had a heart attack or sudden death before 60 years old)
      11. epilepsy
  • Participant Declaration:

    I (including all members of the group) hereby promise that I’m in a good condition and have no history of any disease. I will think carefully before participating in the competition if I had unknown pain in chest, have difficulty breathing, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, asthma. And I take full responsibility for any accident that was caused by my disease or any of my own intentional behaviour.
    All the personal information collected will be used on a respectful basis. The purposes of collecting your personal information are as follow:

    • To convey any PR message
    • In order to assure the eligibility and the rights of participants. Few personal information is needed for this event, such as name, date of birth, ID, email address and residential address, etc. This information will only be used for the lottery and associated events. The collected information will only be stored as electronic or hard copies in the Body Marketing CO. and served as resources for Body Marketing CO. and its external co-operators. Detailed information about the use of your personal information can be acquired via email or telephone.

    The collection and use of personal information is restricted under “Manage of personal information policy” of Body Marketing CO.. You can inquire about your personal information, require a copy, ask to correct and require termination of the collection and the use of your personal information by Personal Information Protection Act. (Tel:02-5591-5658#23; service time: 10:00-18:00 Mon-Fri)
    You have the rights not to provide your personal information to Body Marketing CO.; however, this will result in failure of verifying your identity and follow-up processing. If you provide someone else’s personal information, you agree and realise that you have the responsibility to inform them of their rights and have their consent. All rights reserved by Body Marketing CO. and if there is change about this event, the update information can be accessed via the website of Body Marketing CO..